LINKS TO HELPFUL SITES Earth Island Institute The Fund for Animals The Humane Society of the United States Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine Humane Farm Animal Care Farm Sanctuary American Humane Association Friends of Animals Animals Asia Foundation In Defense of Animals

The above links are organizations that promote compassionate and wise treatment of animals and the environment.  Earth Island Institute is one of the few environmental organizations that do not endorse cruel toxicity tests on animals.  I would have listed more environmental organizations, but many of them either support hunting or animal testing.
I have been a vegetarian for twenty five years.  For those of you who still eat meat, Humane Farm Animal Care, was established to ensure the humane treatment of those animals raised for food. - my Essential Oils website. If you want any therapeutic grade essential oils or top of the line healing products - you can now order them through me. And they have a few animal products - like Animal Scents all natural shampoo